Let’s get right down to it. If you ask us who we are we’ll tell you that we’re Only Good Wholesale™ Part of the Only Good Brands™ Family but that’s not who WE are. We’re Carolina and Ryan Haase. Get to know us.

Carolina is a woman of many talents. When she isn’t taking care of Ryan (more than she should), she’s pursuing one of her loves. Carolina loves to cook and is amazing in the kitchen. She can make anything from a gourmet seven course meal to steaks on the grill but her specialty is Mexican food and the best tortillas from scratch that you’ve ever had.

Carolina volunteers at multiple organizations around the Temple/Belton area so you may find her sorting donations or handing out food. She is also very close to her extended family and volunteers at our nieces and nephews schools. She loves being outdoors and working in her garden and being with our many animals (more on them later).

Carolina’s formal training is in Business administration and she managed a customer service team for many years before transitioning over to sales where she eventually became a Regional Sales Director.

Ryan is a man with a big heart, although he doesn’t want you to know that. A huge animal lover, if it was up to him, the Sanctuary farm would have way more animals (he really wants Peacocks!) and the donkeys & horses would be napping inside the house. He will do almost anything to save a farm animal and the impossible to keep his wife happy.

Ryan is personal IT support to Carolina and a guru at researching everything for the company and home. He can also grow an impressive beard!

Ryan is a big college football fan University of Michigan to be exact. He grew up attending home games at the Big House and has tons of family memories of these trips.

Ryan is not afraid to try new things (including Carolina’s new recipes). He has a background in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration. He is currently the VP of New Product development at his day-to-day job and works with suppliers domestic and overseas. He hopes to one day be a stay-at-home farm dad.


The Sanctuary is the name of our 25 acre farm that is situated in Temple, TX (an hour north of Austin). The farm received this name because of the number of residents that have been rescued from other situations and now call The Sanctuary home. We currently home 5 dogs, 5 cats, 7 head of cattle, 2 mini horses, 2 mini donkey, around 100 chickens and 9 guinea fowl. We take care of them while they take care of us and we all get to enjoy some of the best sunrises and sunsets in the world.



(From Top to Bottom and Left to Right)
Green, Dobby, Harry, Tabby, Luna


(From Left to Right and Top to Bottom)
Zoe, Bella, Oso, Lobo, Shadow


(From Front to Back and Left to Right)
Hope, Charlie, Molly, Coco


Too Many To Name!


The Big Guy in the Back’s Name is Licky