Customer Experience

With Carolina having over 25 years of experience in customer care, we know how to meet the needs of our customer. We meet their needs through rapid answers to common questions and best-in-class customer care. This ensures loyalty and repeat sales.

Brand Growth


We talk about partnerships because we believe it. We’re in business for long-term relationships and not a quick dollar. We will never intentionally violate MAP pricing because we know how important pricing is to your brand identity. We even monitor and report MAP pricing among other retailers and shield you from price erosion.

Listing Optimization


There is a huge difference between a product listing that sells and one that doesn’t. We perform detailed listing reviews to identify problem areas such as pictures, descriptions, user comments, and work to fix them.



We are a small and dedicated team of online experts, not a faceless corporation. We provide our partners with a single contact point who knows your product, the platform and your pains. To us a partnership means growing together. We have been fortunate enough to be able to to that with great partners in the past and would love to add more.

The Bottom Line


We focus on showcasing your product online so you don’t have to. Our boutique business model is centered on fewer vendors, and investing deeply in the few we have.